Several days spent together at Crear in Argyll has resulted in an album of music and an exhibition of art, which will tour Scotland together in 2020/21.  Scottish pianist Mhairi Hall has created an album of ambient slow airs played on the Steinway piano wrapped in sounds from the landscape, warm drones and old archive recordings.

Scottish contemporary landscape artist Beth Robertson Fiddes has created an exhibition of mixed media paintings based on Scotlandís west coast landscape and has allowed to be influenced by the music.  The duo have discovered their common love of creating something that reflects Scotlandís history, tradition, landscape with modern layers of beauty and rugged edges adding depth to the spaces they are in.  Their parallels are striking and the journey exciting, the result is a feast for the ears and eyes.  Please enjoy our videos below!

Find out more about Beth and her art at www.bethrobertsonfiddes.com
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